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About Us
Zhenjiang Yutai Explosion-proof Electric Heater Co.,Ltd was founded in 1983,our company was engaged in production of ordinal electric heater in that time.Due to the demand of development of domestic petrochemical and military industries in 1988,we started to mark research and marketing development of complete set of explosion-proof electric heater,which has been passed through the examination and inspection by the instrument and meter safety supervision station at the state level and the Explosion-proof Qualified Certificate with the explosion-proof class of Exd IIC T1-T6 and the protection class of IP66 has been granted.Meanwhile the CCS certificate issued by China Classification Society was also granted in the same year.All products defer to the international standard GB3836.1-3-2000 production. All series of electric heating elements which produced by our company have granted CQC/CE etc.product certification and we have owned 16 national patent certifications.Nuclear power products have been passed through the supplier qualification evaluation by Qinshan Nuclear Power Station and the National Explosion-proof Qualified Certificate has been granted in the production of explosion-proof electric heater,all series of marine spare parts have granted marine product certification,which fully show our company's products have been highly recognized by the national technical regulations and customers. At present our company has electric heater workshop of 685m2,electric control workshop of 388m2,standardization workshop of 2500m2(10t bridge crane),office building of 885m2,occupied a total area of 20000m2.The company has an annual output value of 80 million yuan.Our company owns an engineering and technical team from the complete specialization and reasonable hierarchy,in which there are more than 24 engineers in Mechanical Manufacture,Thermal Energy and Power Engineering,Industrial Automation,Testing Technology and company etc.
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Immersion heater/Industrial electric heater/tubular heater/Electric tube heater/Crude oil heater/Industrial air heater/blower heater/Industrial electric fan heater